Our Christ Centered Curriculum Includes:

Spiral Nurturing
Social Living
Communication Arts
Expressive Arts
Discover about God’s world

Program Overview

The preschool program is driven by the interests and needs of our childen. After the first few weeks of adjusting to school with its teachers, friends, schedule, rules, and routines, the teachers poll the children to determine what the children are interested in learning. Topics may include dinosaurs, space, forest, food, sports, and camping, just to name a few. Once the group has decided what to study, the teachers work with the children to find out exactly what they know about the topic. This is done as a group, as well as individually with each child. Next, the teachers query the children about what they would like to learn. This lays the foundation for several weeks of study and research.

The study and research are done first through free choice play and discovery centers provided by the teacher. For these times the teachers provide a wide variety of activities such as sensory materials, art projects, manipulatives, books, and writing materials. These exploration opportunities are designed to promote academic learning in the area being studied as well as in the standard areas such as letter, shape, and color recognition, story telling, pre-reading skills, and early math skills. This time also offers the children the opportunity to devope socially and emotionally through interactions with other children.

Study and research continues in two group settings which last about fifteen minutes. The first group setting provides the teachers with a circle time designed to develop concepts in the current topic of study. The second group time provides a special oppotunity to learn about Jesus. The teachers use thses circle times to direct the group with reading, graphing, singing, story writing, questioning, research, mini skits, and other teaching methods. Circle time also offers teachers a chance to introduce new materials in the room as well as to review classroom rules and expectations.


As a part of a larger group the children will attend chapel each week. These include music, prayers, lesson, offering, and sharing times.  They are led by Ms. Wallace, Pastor Deterding, Youth and Family Minister Tim Richter, and Lou Weber a retired school teacher.