Jr Preschool

Junior Preschool Program

The Junior Preschool program is designed for a mixture of two and three-year-old children who would benefit from a smaller group size. The smaller size allows the teacher to offer each child more individual attention. This arrangement is great for children who have not been in a group childcare situation before or those children who are not yet potty-trained.

Within the Jr. Preschool program children spend much of their time in free play where they choose the activities they would like to do. The teachers provide a wide variety of activities that promote academic concepts such as counting, colors, and shapes. They also offer the children time to develop socially and emotionally through interactions with their friends. There are  short group settings where the teachers provide opportunities for Jesus time and circle time. The children are provided a morning snack and those children who are in extended care receive an afternoon snack as well. Parents must provide their child’s lunch. During snack and lunch, the children are learning table manners and social interaction. Time during the day is spent on the playground, and occasionally in indoor gross motor activities. During this time, these younger children learn to use their quickly developing bodies in new and different ways. Additionally, children in extended care are provided with cots on which to nap each day, which is a real necessity after such an active morning.

The Lord has truly blessed us with this wonderful opportunity to serve families with younger preschoolers. If you have any questions about our Junior Preschool Program, or would like information on enrolling your child, please do not hesitate to stop by or contact the ECC office at (239) 481-4040 ex 208.